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Why you have to have central air in the Central Okanagan

A summer in West Kelowna, BC with no HVAC can make for some uncomfortable days. Thankfully, a proper air conditioning unit allows you to stay cool indoors all summer long. Although there are different types of AC units, central air conditioners are the most efficient. A central air conditioner works by cooling the air at central locations throughout your home, which is accomplished by compressing refrigerant gas and pumping it through a system of coils. The refrigerant on the inside of the coils traps the heat from the air inside your house and moves it outside. Here are eight benefits of central air conditioners.

Increased comfort

On hot summer days in the Okanagan, it can be tough to escape the heat. HVAC solutions such as central air conditioning keep your home at a comfortable temperature by providing consistent cooling throughout your house.

Improved air quality

Central AC units pull in air from the ducts around your home. As the air is pulled through these ducts, it passes across an air filter that removes dust, pet dander and other allergens.

Enhanced efficiency

Central air conditioners are better at circulating cool air throughout a house than multiple single-room air conditioners. They provide cooling to all the rooms in your home instead of just a select few. They can also be programmed to only run at specific times and maintain a set temperature. This in turn will help lower your bills and save you money!

Decreased humidity

Central AC units remove humidity in the air, which helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Regulated humidity can also mitigate the effects of asthma and symptoms like sneezing, coughing, and a sore throat.

Improved health

There are many health benefits associated with central air conditioning. It can lead to better sleep, improved concentration, and a decrease in asthma attacks. It can also mitigate the risk of dehydration and heat stroke. Plus, improved ventilation can lower the concentration of viral particles in the air, in turn reducing exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

Reduced noise

Because the compressor is located outside the house, central air-conditioning is less noisy than a single-room unit.

Heightened resale value

Prospective homebuyers are always looking for HVAC in Kelowna, BC. Installing central air conditioning is an investment that can increase your house’s resale value by as much as 10 per cent, with energy-efficient models being particularly appealing.

Increased lifespan

With proper maintenance, central air conditioning can last for decades. Keep your system running optimally by conducting annual preventative maintenance.

Professional HVAC in Kelowna, BC

Triumph Heating & Air Conditioning has been proudly serving the Central Okanagan since 2013. We provide commercial and residential HVAC solutions to Kelowna, BC and the surrounding communities. Sign up for our VIP service to make sure that your HVAC system is well maintained by a company you can trust. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or service call.

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