Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Heat Exchangers,  Radiant Heat & more

Triumph Heating and Air Conditioning, located in West Kelowna, provides service for all your heating needs.  From repairing your ducted or ductless heat pump, to installing and servicing a new furnace in your home or business we can do it all.  Whether you want a radiant heat system, heat exchanger or high efficiency furnace installed or maintenance performed be sure to call Triumph Heating & Air Conditioning.

We offer service not just in West Kelowna but throughout the central Okanagan Valley from Lake Country in the north, to Kelowna and West Kelowna, to Peachland in the South.

At Triumph our main concern is our customers.  Our first concern is not only about making money but making sure your home is comfortable year round.  That is why we won’t sell you a furnace or air conditioning unit if you don’t need one.  If all you need is a little furnace maintenance then we will do that for you.  If you do need a new heating system it is important to understand the different technology and how they work.  Here are a few of the more common systems:

Furnace: A furnace is generally known as a piece of equiment that uses a fan to force heated air through ducts located throughout your home or business.  The ducts are placed througout the property to maximize the efficiecy of the furnace while ensuring occupants are kept warm.

Heat Pumps: A heat pump is usually located outside of the building and is used to not only pull warm air out of the building in the summer, thereby helping to keep it cool.  It also helps force warmer air inside in the winter.  Therefore it is an ideal multi-purpose piece of equipment for our warm summers in the Okanagan while helping keep you warm during our cooler months.

Heat Exchanger:  A heat exchanger is a system designed to move heat from one medium to another.  A car is a good example of a heat exchanger – it uses coolant which is pumped through the vehicle’s engine block to remove heat from the engine.  The coolant is then cooled by the fan.  A household heat exchanger works much the same why – by using a medium to pull heat into or out of a space to help heat or cool it.

Radiant Heat: A radiant heat system uses natural air flow to circulate the heat within a location.  Air is heated by the heating unit and as it is heated it moves around slowly providing warmth to the area surrounding it.  Many people prefer radiant heat systems (such as radiators) over forced air systems (like furnances) because they are quieter.

Which ever heating system you use in your home or business be sure to contact Triumph Heating and Air Conditioning to install and service it for you.  We have many years of experience in furnace maintenance as well as repairs and installations of all the heating systems listed above.