The importance of tune ups for your water heater

Water heaters are in consistent use working to keep your water heated, that is why they usually require more attention and maintenance more than any other fixture in your home. One of the most common things that affect your water heater are sediment build up, especially when it starts getting older. When the water is heated, lime scale and other minerals like magnesium and calcium start forming on the sides of the tank and the burner. If these minerals are not taken out they form a sediment obstruction that will establish itself on the burner and cause serious problem that will affect the water heaters’ performance. The best solution for this type of problem is to call a professional service company such as Triumph Heat and Air Conditioning to complete an inspection on your water heater.

Signs to look out for

If you notice your water heater is leaking or not heating up your water, its time to call Triumph Heat and Air Conditioning. For all practical purposes, your water heater is working all day everyday so it’s hard to predict or even know when your water heater might not function properly or have a break down or even notice a small malfunction that can turn into a disaster. It is highly recommended to get your water heater checked out at least once a year. This will help you know that there are no problems that might rise unexpectedly and if there are any problems you can take care of them as fast as possible.

Water heater tune ups

A water tune-up pays for itself. Did you know a tune-up for your water heater should be done every year? When you have your water heater serviced every year you are improving your energy efficiency by up to 15% which not only helps to lower your bills, but is much cheaper than replacing your old worn out water heater. Also, if you have an older water heater that has not been inspected for a long time, you might begin noticing that you are getting less and less hot water as it gets older. This might not be that it needs to get replaced, it could just be in a need of a tune up.

Inspecting your water heater

Triumph will inspect the following:

  • look at your safety relief and emergency shutoff valves
  • test the temperature of your water to make sure your water is at an ideal temperature
  • inspect your burner assembly, look at your heaters filters, test your water pressure and check your water heaters power supply

They will also flush out the system to get rid of any debris that may be causing a problem with your water heaters performance. If you would like more information or need some heat and air conditioning service, contact us.