If you live in a warm area, air conditioning probably makes up the bulk of your energy bill. However, there are a few things you can do to reduce the amount you spend on it. Below are some of the greatest air conditioning mistakes you shouldn’t be making.

  1. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better

A huge number of people buy bigger ACs because they assume there is a direct correlation between size and temperature reduction, which isn’t the case. An oversized AC will actually reduce efficiency since it will have very short on-off cycles.

Avoid going to the other end of the spectrum by selecting an undersized air conditioner. Work closely with your Air Conditioning technician and choose the perfect size.

  1. Take it out of the heat

Ensure your AC isn’t exposed to direct sunlight at any time of the day. Keep it in a shaded area on the north or east side of the house and minimize its exposure to direct sunlight. It’s recommended to place the AC in a shaded area, so it doesn’t work too hard to cool air that has been heated by the sun.

  1. Don’t hide it

You may be tempted to hide your AC behind some plants or shrubs, but don’t do that. Placing an AC behind vegetation will clog air filters, hurt ventilation and generally make your AC less efficient.

  1. Maintain your system

Most people seem to think an AC is totally self-sufficient. However, the truth is very different. Any AC will require basic maintenance which will improve its efficiency and also help it last longer.

Clean filters every two months. If there is a lot of dust where you live, you should replace your filter at regular intervals. Check the seals around your AC and clean the evaporator coil at least once a year.

Of course, you can also call an air conditioning expert from West Kelowna to handle maintenance for you.

  1. Give it a break

Leaving an air conditioner running all day will increase your electricity bill. You’d rather get a smart thermostat or a timer that will allow you to start the AC before you come home.

  1. Don’t turn the dial down completely

Every extra degree you cool your house by could be costing you as much as $8 a month. If you’re comfortable at a certain temperature, do not dial it down to lower than that, expecting it to get colder faster. You’ll simply be wasting money and energy.

  1. Don’t dismiss your ceiling fans

You could ignore your ceiling fans when using the AC, but it’s much more efficient to use them both together. Ensure your fans are set to push air downwards. The downward airflow causes wind chill, which makes it seem colder than it actually is.

Now that you know the major mistakes most people make when it comes to air conditioning, you can go see how many you’ve avoided. Of course, upgrading your air conditioning is always a good idea, so give your local HVAC Company a call and see what choic