Kelowna Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning

Triumph Heating and Air Conditioning has a full range of commercial and industrial services. From regularly scheduled maintenance programs to equipment replacement or installation we can help.

We can design, install and maintain your Heating and Air Conditioning equipment so you can focus on what you do best…your business!

Services we offer:

  • Installation
  • 24 hour Service
  • Maintenance
  • Electrical
  • Air Balancing
  • Controls
  • Carbon Monoxide and Hazardous Gas
  • Gas Sensor Installation and Calibration
  • Backflow Testing

Maintenance Programs:

Properly maintaining your heating and cooling system can significantly reduce your homes energy consumption and prevent premature equipment failure which leads to costly repairs or replacement.  The biggest energy consumer in the average home is the heating and cooling system so it makes sense to have that equipment operating at its peak efficiency. We can help do that!


Occasionally heating and air conditioning equipment can fail. We know that this can cause problems in your home for people and pets. That’s why when you call we will go out of our way to expedite your service call and make it a priority. We have the ability to repair all makes and models so when you call us you can rest assure that it will be done in a timely and efficient manner.


With all equipment there comes a time when you as a customer must be informed that replacing equipment is an option you should consider rather than continual costly repairs. We also understand that improving efficiency in your house can help keep your hard earned money in your pocket!. With Triumph we have the expertise and experience to inform you of your options. With our knowledge and expertise we can deliver on any solution.