In addition to being used on a regular basis, your air conditioning unit goes through the normal wear and tear every machine goes through. It is only natural for it to function inefficiently, if you do not take proper care of it. Absence of care makes it prone to a number of damages internally, eventually leading to replacement of components, and in some cases, the entire unit.

Some homeowners are of the opinion that replacing components of an old AC unit can be a feasible solution, at least in the short term. Undoubtedly, it is. However, there are a number of things one should consider when upgrading. The first – choose the replacement wisely. While replacement can help you save money right now, it probably will not be the best decision if you look at the long term scenario. Choosing to substitute older parts with newer ones can not only take a toll at the overall life of your AC, but might also increase operational costs, thus causing you to lose more than you had expected to save.

The Importance of Compatibility

Regardless of when you had your AC unit installed, there are some specific parts the machine is made to be compatible with. For example, if you bought an air conditioning unit years ago, replacing it with new components may cause it to run inefficiently, and further still, cause damage if left uncared for. The key to deciding whether to replace an existing component with a new one is to be familiar with the unit, and know how it functions.

Broadly, there are four main components – the air handler, compressor, condenser and refrigerant coils. All these parts work together to perform various functions, from removing the heated air in your home, to cooling the air which flows in. While this may seem simple, every component plays an equally important role in the functioning of the unit.

For all this to happen, compatibility is essential. Let’s look at it this way. Units manufactured at a later date would ideally be designed to be efficient, and all the more when compared to older ones. An example could be replacing the old refrigerant coils with new ones. The mismatch will have a negative impact on the cooling capacity, thus indirectly increasing the power consumption in your home, and an increase in your utility bills. Furthermore, units manufactured recently come with thermal expansion valves. These work by making use of an automated shut-down system, which controls the movement of the refrigerant. Nevertheless, if you employ these in old air conditioning units, it may result in the breakdown of the compressor.

These are just some scenarios that occur when choosing a wrong replacement. Therefore, your best bet is to call a HVAC professional who can survey the unit before starting on the repairs or enhancement. Calling a trusted professional will ensure you change only the parts that need replacement, and the substitution actually complies with your AC unit. If you live in West Kelowna, Peachland, Kelowna or Lake Country, you can call our professionals by clicking here to contact us, or phone us at 250-870-6567.