Why not take advantage of all the benefits technology has to offer? More and more homeowners choose radiant heating systems instead of forced air not only for a lower heating bill, but also for a healthier environment for the entire family and a more consistent room temperature in the entire home.

What is Radiant Heating?

The term radiant heating refers to the warmth you feel, one you could associate with that of a fireplace from across the room. Radiant heating sends electromagnetic, invisible, infrared waves across the walls or floor. The objects in the waves’ path absorb this energy quickly and start heating up. The energy is then dispersed equally warming everything.

Benefits of radiant heating

More comfortable

Radiant heat could be compared to the warmth of a fire or the sunshine. It makes you feel cozy and more comfortable. What can be more pleasant than walking barefoot in the middle of winter and still have your feet warm? With radiant heating you will never again get the chills, but the air you breathe will still be refreshing and cool.

More Energy Efficient

The sensation of comfort is given by a combination of radiant energy and temperature that represents the body’s energy needs. When your body gets enough radiant energy, you will feel comfortable at a lower air temperature. It’s like sunbathing: even if the temperature is lower, you still feel the heat of the sunshine. The low air temperature is the one which helps you save money on energy bills. According to energy experts, radiant heating can help you save up to 25% of the heating costs.

Cleaner and Healthier

Keeping you healthy is one of the top benefits of radiant heating. That is why homeowners who have chosen this system suffer from fewer illnesses during the cold season. Radiant heating does not blow dust, dirt, bacteria, pet dander and viruses around the house. Compared to hot air systems, radiant heat does not dry out your breathing passages and can even improve the symptoms of people with asthma.

Child-Friendly and Safer

With radiant heating systems, you can rest assured your children are safe. They have no hot surfaces to touch, radiators to fall into or air ducts to drop their crayons into. It’s simple and safe.


You’ll have no radiators, no ducts to be seen, no blower noise, no fans, and no cables. Your house will look perfect, and the only thing you will hear is your own thoughts.

Less Costly to Purchase

Even if radiant heating systems have so many benefits, it does not cost you an arm and a leg to buy them. Believe it or not, some systems even cost less than forced hot air and conventional baseboard heating systems.

Take all these advantages into consideration if you still have doubts about choosing radiant heat for your home. Make the best choice, so you’ll be able to enjoy the holidays in a warm and cozy home.