Adding a fireplace to your Kelowna home does not only add extra appeal, but is also provides a number of advantages. Wood has been in use conventionally when it comes to a fireplace, however, there are other alternatives you should consider such as a gas fireplace. A gas fireplace typically runs on natural gas, thus allowing you to minimize your carbon footprint.

Comparing wood and gas fireplaces

If you have used a wood fireplace in your West Kelowna home, you are probably familiar with the tasks associated with it. Primarily, it requires you to keep a stock of wood (add in time for stocking and piling it). When it comes to combustion, wood fireplaces cause accumulation of soot and gunk. This also leads to chimney clogs, which can lead to chimney fires.

A gas fireplace in Lake Country, on the other hand, can help you avoid quite a few of these issues. To begin with, since the system runs of natural gas, it eliminates the need to accumulate resources for a freezing winter night. Flow of the gas can easily be regulated by a switch and valve, and also makes up for a safer scenario, given that the same switch or valve can be used to shut it off completely. One of the most harmful aspects of having a wood fireplace is release of nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere, which does not happen when using gas fireplaces. Furthermore, gas fireplaces also do not emit the same quantity of soot as a wood fireplace would, minimizing the risks of damaged chimneys or even chimney fires.

Types of gas fireplaces

For those who are unaware, there are three types of gas fireplaces in use today.

  • Gas fireplace inserts – These are popular today, and offer a suitable alternative if you need a replacement for an old fireplace. The advantages also include the fact that they can be customized to fit in any existing fireplace, reducing the effort and cost to a large extent.
  • Independent gas fireplaces – As the term itself suggests, these fireplaces are freestanding appliances that can be installed almost anywhere, away from the wall. The installation is relatively easy too, and adding a metal flue through the roof, and adding a gas line is all that needs to be done.
  • Built-In gas fireplaces – If you’re getting a new home built, or have undertaken remodelling of your existing home, this could just be the option for you. Although this does involve some additional work during construction, the results are completely worth it.

The best gas fireplace to be installed in your Peachland home can be suggested by a seasoned professional in the area, after he visits your property and weighs the available options. There are a host of other features too which can be added to the fireplace, including electronic ignition and child locks, to name a few.