It is quite obvious HVAC systems are made up of a variety of components. One good look at the system and you can see the individual units that make it up. All of these work together to keep your home and family comfortable throughout the year. However, they need maintenance too. Ask any HVAC technician in Lake Country, and he will tell you the more you care for the system, the more efficiently it will work. In fact, the recommended schedule for cleaning the entire thing is once every month, and even less for air conditioning units.

Research conducted by the Department of Energy shows an average household spends more than 50% of their utility bills on heating and cooling. That is quite a bit if you calculate it on an annual basis. This amount could increase dramatically if your HVAC system functions improperly, and it could be because of various reasons. Leaving a HVAC system uncared for can not only cause it to function inefficiently, but even pushes it to breakdown. Here are the top reasons, HVAC technicians in West Kelowna point out, which could cause damage to your HVAC system.

Top Reasons for HVAC breakdown – Symptoms that Your HVAC System Needs Repair

  • A faulty thermostat – A thermostat is the device that empowers the system to control the temperature settings in the house. The typical operation includes comparing the room temperature to the defined settings, and then making adjustments. So naturally, if the device is faulty, the HVAC unit faces potential damage. Some symptoms of a faulty thermostat include its incapacity to sense the room temperature correctly, the AC running infinitely, or the AC unit and the furnace not responding at all.
  • Dirty filters – Filters are commonly blamed for a number of problems in the HVAC system, and they need regular care to work in optimum condition. The filters work primarily to keep dust out of the blown air, and dirty ones could have a significant impact on the efficiency of the machine. Moreover, dirty filters can also be blamed for an unsafe breathing environment in your home. Fortunately, a dirty filter does not necessarily involve calling a HVAC technician, and you can take care of the task yourself.
  • Irregular placement of dampers – A common problem HVAC users face is while some rooms in the house get appropriate amount of cooling, the others tend to get colder. While this could also indicate your duct work needs realignment, it is a good idea to check that the duct work is consistent with the season. Identify the appropriate settings for summer and winter, and ensure you fine tune the entire HVAC system as per your requirements before a season sets in.
  • Incorrect installation – If installed in a wrong manner, HVAC units can increase your utility bills by an average of 30%. The risks associated with an improper installation are many, and these broadly include under and overcharge of the refrigerant itself, irregular flow of air, wrong voltage input and formation of harmful gases.

Getting a HVAC technician in Peachland or Kelowna for scheduled maintenance can not only help minimize these issues, but also ensure your HVAC unit keeps functioning at its best.