Home Sweet Home.

Above is a phrase we commonly use to reflect the comfort and coziness of our homes. After a busy day at the office, all a man desires is to be in the peaceful and comfortable environment of his home. The delightful faces of his family members and the playfulness of his pets enlighten him. However, little of it would have been true if the atmosphere inside a home wasn’t healthy.

What is a heat recovery ventilator?

The heat recovery ventilator is an electro-mechanical device whose primary role is to exchange stale inside air with fresh air from the outside and to keep the inside warm and comfortable at all times. The device comes in a mechanical casing which consists of a heat exchange core. The outgoing hot air heats up the incoming one at the core – a mechanism which considerably lowers your power bills. With a heat recovery ventilator, your house also remains airtight with controlled ventilation. Let us take a look at the benefits the system has to offer.

Benefits of heat recovery ventilation

Humidity and temperature inside are controlled: Families in West Kelowna and the Okanagan, who have opted for the system, experience moderate humidity inside. Moreover, the indoor temperature is well-maintained at a comfortable level to guarantee the protection of your children and pets from the cold.

It helps circulate clean and fresh air: Clean air from the outside is exchanged with the dry and smelly air from the inside. The system also distributes the fresh air evenly inside the house.

It reduces energy consumption: The electro-mechanical system is designed with such finesse that it considerably reduces the consumption of power which lifts a much effective burden off your shoulders.

Why choose Triumph Heat and Air?

Triumph Heat and Air is a trusted company for HVAC equipment handling requests in West Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley, including Peachland and Lake Country. From installation to customer support to periodic maintenance, the company has performed its duty well towards its customers in the wake of building a long-term relationship with them.

Triumph Heat and Air professionals are skilled and can recommend the right product for your household, install it and provide subsequent customer support and maintenance services. Its products and services come at a pocket-friendly rate. Considering the success and reliability of the company so far, it would not be wrong to predict it will soon become the favorite in the region.

Imagine your home with a heat recovery ventilator. You and your family would be able to breathe fresh air and remain warm and cozy inside. Your pets would be comfortable too. Nothing is more relieving than the comfort of your near ones. Triumph Heat and Air helps to achieve just that. The delight of a happy family and a comfortable house after work is a perfect epitome of the phrase: Home Sweet Home.

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