When the winter season rolls around and the temperatures start going down you will be looking to turn on the heat. Indoors can become very uncomfortable to be in without heating up your home.  When it gets cool this can be done in so many ways: a gas fireplace, radiant heat, electric heat, boiler, wood fireplace, and even an oil or gas furnace.

Turning on your furnace after a long summer season and inactivity can be a complete surprise, a total shock to your heating system or it might even be a total shock to you when you receive your electric bill. Many people do not use sound judgement to prepare for the peak winter months. But here are some suggestions to consider before the next winter season.

Service experts like Triumph heat and air highly recommend you have a fire extinguisher next to your fireplace, heating system, or furnace always, especially when to turn it on for the first time.

Turn your furnace on

Don’t wait until your freezing cold and you can’t take it anymore to see if your system is functioning correctly. Once you have turned it on do this:

  • Smell. Do you smell like something is on fire? If so, check and make sure there is no fire or smoke coming out from the heating system. If there is turn the heating system off right away. If there is no visible fire or smoke wait out and see if the sell decreases or goes away. If not, this is a sign that your heating system needs a tune-up.
  • Listen. Does it sound like your furnace is making an effort? Is the noise exaggerated? This is also a sign that your heating system needs a tune-up.
  • Touch. Touch and feel the walls and ducts. Is there a trembling or quivering vibration? A performance inspection should be performed to determine the cause.
  • View. Look and check the carbon monoxide detector readings. If the carbon monoxide alarm happens to go off or if its above 30, turn your furnace system off as soon as possible and call Triumph heat and air for an inspection performance for your furnace heating system. This is a sign that there could be a probable hazard condition. At this point it is suggested you open the windows to air out your home and do not turn the heat on until it has been inspected by a professional. You may also want to exit your home until the reading decreases below 30.

It is always a good idea to inspect your heating system before the winter season comes and if there is a problem with your furnace you can get it fixed before the winter rush comes.