Dealing with winters in Kelowna is difficult enough, and the last thing you want to see is your furnace giving up on you. Or even worse, imagine coming back home after a vacation, only to find your HVAC refuses to work. Furnaces, when left unattended for some time, are infamous for developing snags that can hamper their smooth functioning. While some of these are minor ones and can be resolved using some simple tricks at home, there are others which require professional furnace repair services.

Ideally, the key to avoiding these DIY techniques (as well as the risks associated with them) is to call a certified professional, or to have your HVAC system serviced on a regular basis. The advantages are numerous – you can easily save up to 10% of the energy costs (when the system operates at maximum efficiency), and the technician can point out flaws in the system before they actually cause any damage.

Another way of taking care of your HVAC system and its components is to religiously follow a cleaning regime. If you live in and around Lake Country, undertake this at least once a month. Replace parts that are prone to quick damage, such as air filters, and this will take care of some issues by itself. Below, we mention some other points that could be of use if you plan on repairing or optimizing your furnace all by yourself.

  • Pilot light – Most furnaces manufactured nowadays come pre-installed with a pilot light. If your furnace refuses to give heat, this should probably be the first thing you should be looking at. You could consult the owner’s manual for guidelines, and if it isn’t something really big, you can have the pilot light switched on following the suggestions.
  • Circuit breaker – A blown fuse can stop the functioning of the entire system, and for obvious reasons. An important (but usually neglected) point is to see if the system requires a complete restart, or just a reset. Imagine a scenario where you call a furnace repair professional, and all he does is reset the system to make it work again.
  • Thermostat settings – Your thermostat controls the temperature of your home, and regulates the amount of heated or cold air inflow. Ensure the device is on, and set at the required temperature. Thermostats are sophisticated devices and prone to going faulty. In fact, for homes in Peachland, it is best to keep your thermostat under scheduled supervision.

These tips are intended to help you undertake simple furnace repair tasks, thereby saving money. For major issues, such as the very frequent furnace cycles, or in cases where the furnace won’t turn on at all, it is highly recommended you call for professional assistance. Always remember when dealing with devices that involve flammable materials, it is essential you exercise utmost caution. For assistance in critical situations, call up a reliable West Kelowna furnace repair company like Triumph Heat and Air at 250-870-6567.