Not everyone is an expert on furnaces and HVAC systems, but if you live in West Kelowna, certified professionals can make the task easier. If you’d still like to take a look yourself (this also helps you make an informed decision), here are a few points you should keep in mind.

Primarily, the age of the furnace is a key factor. Most furnaces installed in Kelowna have an average life of about 15 years. Normal wear and tear plays a larger role in it, and the system gradually loses efficiency. This is when you should consider replacement or upgradation of parts, and the idea of furnace replacement kicks in. Hence, it is wise to conclude you should start looking for a new furnace after about 15 years of installation.

It is also a good idea to check the service book or the owner’s manual, or simply call in a professional if you live in Peachland. A quick tip – most recently manufactured furnaces come with a pre-installed pilot light. If yours misses one, it is an indication the unit is quite old, and replacement would be a better option.

  • Inconsistent heating – Irregular heating in different parts of the house is another indication the furnace demands attention. Having different temperature levels in different rooms is neither comfortable nor useful. This usually happens when the furnace becomes incapable of distributing balanced heat.
  • Abrupt frequent cycles – In scenarios where the furnace keeps working harder than required, it is forced to initiate more frequent cycles. While this could be due to a minor snag, it also attributes to a damaged furnace.
  • Unexpected noises – Reverberation caused when you start your furnace is quite common, and is typically expected. However, if your furnace starts making unfamiliar noises, it is time you give your furnace a check-up, and call in a technician to assess the condition.
  • Unusually high utility bills – It is only normal the system consumes more energy during winters, but a steep rise in your utility bills could also mean the furnace is performing below the average efficiency levels. In older systems, replacement of some parts can be useful, but there’s only so much replacements can do. Again, this is when you should consider the amount to be invested in upgrading your old system, and then compare it to the amount incurred when you install a new one.

The advantage of consulting an expert in this field cannot possibly be underestimated. Getting in touch with a reliable and recommended furnace repair agency in Lake Country is the key to saving money. The right professionals will advise you on exactly what you need in these situations, and can also work with you to offer an affordable solution. Triumph Heat and Air technicians are certified in this area, and undertake installations and repairs for residential as well as commercial clients. For more details, call 250-870-6567.