Is your residence or office in West Kelowna or Okanagan Valley? If yes, we understand how important it is to have a heating system, especially in the winter. Perhaps, you have already thought about installing one or repairing an existing one?  One common dilemma is the choice between the two common heating systems – in floor heating and the forced air system. Is my system better than the other? Am I missing something? To answer these questions, we need to take a look at the scientific aspects as well as the general experience of customers.

Forced Air Heating

A forced air heating system is one in which heat is distributed evenly throughout a house or office with the help of air ducts. The heating device is placed in the basement. The main benefit of the system is it circulates the air inside the building and distributes it throughout the space. This helps keep every corner of a room warm. Other benefits include ease of maintenance and repair. Repairing is relatively easy.

The downsides to the system are the ‘stratification’ problem, ‘parasitic heat losses‘, fast cool down, and allergens. The outlet of hot air is often through the ceiling where the heat tends to be trapped. So you can imagine a hotter upper portion of the house while the bottom is cooler. The ducts that bring the hot air inside are never perfect. They may have holes through which heat is lost leading to valuable loss of energy, called ‘parasitic heat losses’. Moreover, the air cools down fast once the heat is turned off. Lastly, allergens through the ducts may pollute the air inside making it unhealthy to breathe.

In Floor Heating

In floor heating, on the other hand, is a radiant heating model where the heat sources are trapped beneath the floor and heat is emitted through infrared radiation. There is no ‘parasitic heat loss’, spread of allergens or stratification in this model. Residents of Peachland and Lake Country often tell to our technicians how quiet the system is. In floor heating is energy efficient too.

While a heating system is mandatory in West Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley, it is necessary at the same time to make the right choice. Our technicians at Triumph Heat and Air have plenty of experience with both models and based on that, they can give you sufficient insight into both systems and help you decide which best suits your interests.

You may have heard the saying ‘Having a product is one thing, but having the right one is what matters’. With that in mind, we strive hard to offer you the best and make your home or office what you desire it to be.