Which one is more valuable?

Should you purchase an Electric heat pump or go with the most efficient gas furnace? The main difference between the two is that a gas furnace blows heated air all throughout your home while a heat pump uses a refrigerant to take actual heat and moves it around for the interior for the winter, and to the exterior during the summer to help cool.

In matters of efficiency which one is the best option?

When it comes to efficiency, heat pumps have proven to be more economic by approximately 40% more than gas furnaces for winter months. Heat pumps exchange heat rather than produce it, they can supply up to 4x more energy that they produce. This effectiveness can be decreased due to fluctuation in temperatures especially during extreme winter seasons. A technique that can be used to increase your heat pump capability is to let it run consistently as opposed to turning off and on as many furnaces tend to do.

Expense of heat pumps vs gas furnace

There are various essential cost factors that should be taken into consideration when opting between an electric heat pump and a forced air gas furnace. One of these factors includes the electric prices for a heat pup and the gas cost for a furnace where you reside. There is also the price of the units themselves. Relying upon the weather in which you live, a heat pump can support your home with year round heating and cooling. If you opt for a gas furnace you would also need an air conditioning unit to keep your home cool during the summer months. This is the distinction between purchasing one unit or buying two appliances.

Which of the two is more convenient? Heat pumps or gas furnaces?

Heat pumps can also be used to cool your home in hot summer time weather. This excludes the need for an entirely different air conditioning system. The heat pump use outdoor temperatures to heat up or cool down your home. The advantages of having a heat pump is that they maintain a constant temperature inside your home regardless of the exterior temperatures.

Which provide more protection? Heat pumps or gas furnace ?

A gas furnace requires a continuous flow of gas through the pilot light which runs the risk of excreting carbon monoxide gas. In this perspective, heat pumps are much safer since they do not include these risks. If you need help or more information of what is the best system for your home log on and visit http://www.triumphheatandaircom/.