Comparing Gas Furnaces with Electric heat pumps

Which one is more valuable? Should you purchase an Electric heat pump or go with the most efficient gas furnace? The main difference between the two is that a gas furnace blows heated air all throughout your home while a heat pump uses a refrigerant to take actual heat and moves it around for the [...]

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Does your water heater need a tune up?

The importance of tune ups for your water heater Water heaters are in consistent use working to keep your water heated, that is why they usually require more attention and maintenance more than any other fixture in your home. One of the most common things that affect your water heater are sediment build up, especially [...]

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Is your Furnace working properly?

When the winter season rolls around and the temperatures start going down you will be looking to turn on the heat. Indoors can become very uncomfortable to be in without heating up your home.  When it gets cool this can be done in so many ways: a gas fireplace, radiant heat, electric heat, boiler, wood [...]

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What is the cost of repairing your radiant heating system?

Radiant heating is becoming popular due to its energy-saving efficiency in homes, but the cost of fitting this type of system in your home is causing concern amongst some because of how much more it might cost be to repair them. The price range of installing a radiant heating system can be attributed to the [...]

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Some Basic Water Heater Maintenance Tips

The cold season is here! It’s time to check your water heater, especially if you’re a resident of West Kelowna in the Okanagan. Imagine taking a shower with cold water in December? It is the last thing you would want to experience, isn’t it? Make sure it doesn’t happen to you by looking at your [...]

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Crucial Reasons to shift from Oil Furnace to Gas Furnace

Have you been wondering if replacing your oil furnace with its gas counterpart is a good idea? The answer is yes. Customers choose oil furnaces by tradition, but it is always wiser to go for a furnace run on natural gas or propane. Families in West Kelowna and Okanagan would suggest you the same. When [...]

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Forced Air and In Floor Heating: Advantages and Disadvantages

Is your residence or office in West Kelowna or Okanagan Valley? If yes, we understand how important it is to have a heating system, especially in the winter. Perhaps, you have already thought about installing one or repairing an existing one?  One common dilemma is the choice between the two common heating systems – in [...]

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Why your home needs a heat recovery ventilator?

Home Sweet Home. Above is a phrase we commonly use to reflect the comfort and coziness of our homes. After a busy day at the office, all a man desires is to be in the peaceful and comfortable environment of his home. The delightful faces of his family members and the playfulness of his pets [...]

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Radiant heating: the best choice for you and your family

Why not take advantage of all the benefits technology has to offer? More and more homeowners choose radiant heating systems instead of forced air not only for a lower heating bill, but also for a healthier environment for the entire family and a more consistent room temperature in the entire home. What is Radiant Heating? [...]

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High Efficiency Furnace: The Best Investment For Your Home

If you are looking at your energy bill, wondering where that high cost came from, then it might be time for you to consider buying a new furnace. Everyone wants a warm house for low costs, considering the energy necessary to heat your house accounts for almost 50% of your utility bill each month. That [...]

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