Shopping for a heat pump in Kelowna can be quite confusing, thanks to the numerous providers and brands available in the market today. However, with the increasing number of manufacturers joining the sector, it makes room for more competition, allowing you to choose from more models, and thus potentially save more money.

Considerations when buying a heat pump

While cost of the equipment plays a large role in deciding what you will be buying for your home, it is important to consider other aspects too. Take this scenario – you are looking at a heat pump that comes at a better price than the branded ones. The energy efficiency of the device in question may be lower, but the significantly less money attracts you. Undoubtedly, the total cost you incur in the purchase and installation will be lower when compared to a branded unit, but you will eventually be spending more in terms of utility bills and maintenance. Hence, when buying a heat pump in Lake Country, don’t let pricing be the only deciding factor.

This being said, let us point out the other factors you might want to consider before making a decision.

  • Efficiency – This is probably the first thing one should be concerned about when buying any mechanical device. In the simplest terms, the higher the efficiency of your chosen device, the lesser you pay for your utility bills. In fact, most home owners using traditional heat pumps in West Kelowna are upgrading to newer models, and the ultimate goal is to save more through the use of higher efficiency devices.
  • Warranty – A major difference may also be in the length of the warranty when buying heat pumps from local manufacturers, when compared to more branded ones. Of course, we don’t really expect a situation to arise where a warranty claim is required, but its best to be prepared for the worst. Ask any certified heat pump professional in Peachland, and he will tell you these repairs are costly. Even if you save a few hundred dollars initially by investing in a low-cost heat pump, you might just have to spend more than what you saved once the warranty runs out, and the device demands repairs.
  • Size – When a seller quotes the price for a heat pump, ensure you enquire about its size. These devices are typically measured in BTUs, and as is common with almost every other mechanical equipment, small sizes ideally come cheaper. Hence, when comparing prices, ensure the ones you select are of the same size.

Buying a heat pump can be confusing, but it is always good to know what you are investing in before you actually put down your money. An easier way of doing it is to call in a reliable professional and have him assess your property for the size and type of heat pump that would work optimally for your home. Not only does this protect you from unnecessary involvement, but it also ensures you get the best advice from industry professionals.