The cold season is here! It’s time to check your water heater, especially if you’re a resident of West Kelowna in the Okanagan. Imagine taking a shower with cold water in December? It is the last thing you would want to experience, isn’t it? Make sure it doesn’t happen to you by looking at your water heater today.

The electrical equipment should never be adjusted without adequate precaution and expertise. It is always recommended to hire skilled technicians, since they possess the required expertise to deal with sophisticated engineering with utmost precautions.

However, certain basic problems can be solved by you. For example, in case the water heater is not turning on, it would be a smart decision to check the electricity supply. Non-supply of current from the main board could be the reason. Now, although such minor hindrances can be tacked by house owners in areas such as Peachland and Lake Country, major problems should be handled by experts only.

  • Sacrificial Anode Rod – Electric and gas water heaters have a rod inserted inside the heating tank. This is called the ‘sacrificial anode rod’. It used to prevent the other metallic surfaces inside the tank from corroding. It is made of a highly active metal alloy which corrodes easily, thereby protecting other surfaces. The replacement of this rod at the right time is vital to prevent corrosion of other surfaces.
  • Heating Elements – If you have an electric water heater, a problem you may face is the non-functioning of one or both heating elements. When should I replace my heating elements? If the taps refuse to supply hot water, it means both elements need replacement. In case of lukewarm or insufficient hot water, one of them should be replaced. It is always wiser to ask for professional support for these procedures.
  • Thermostat – A device used for regulating the temperature, the thermostat is an essential component of the water heater. The temperature setting on a thermostat varies from 90°F to 150°F. However, it is recommended not to set it above 120°F. If you have replaced your heating elements, get the thermostat replaced too.
  • Emergency Cut Off – ECO is the savior of these machine. In case of any emergency, it shuts off and protects the machine from damage. In case of replacement of heating elements, it is recommended to replace the ECO as well.

Apart from the above-mentioned, there are other minor defects you may face. When an expert deals with these faults, you can be assured that it is repaired right, the first time. Residents of Kelowna and the rest of the Okanagan are familiar with this fact, for which many home owners have chosen Triumph Heat and Air. We solve your problems as if they are our own.

After all, a reliable technician is an asset to any household. So, if you want a stress-free holiday season, check your water heater now and contact us if you need assistance.