Why do your energy bills always shoot up around summer? That’s because summer is when ACs tend to work the most. The tips below will help you save energy, pay less, and be more comfortable during this season.

  1. Call the pros

downloadAir conditioners typically require lots of maintenance. Since most people don’t bother maintaining them, they end up paying more since efficiency drops. To avoid this, call an air conditioning Kelowna expert to inspect and clean your AC.

Make sure you hire a licensed and insured professional. This may cost you a little extra, but you’ll see the benefits when the bill comes in.

  1. Check and replace filters

Most people don’t even realize AC units have air filters, let alone they need to be replaced. Inspect your air filter once a month, and replace it if its clogged up.

This becomes even more important during summer months, since there’s usually a lot more dust floating around. A clogged air filter means your AC will have to work harder and will use more energy.

Replacing your filter regularly can save you money on energy bills. It’s also essential to your system’s long-term health. If you hire a Peachland air conditioning expert, you won’t have to worry about this step.

  1. Keep it in the shade

If you keep your AC in the shade, you’ll be making its work much easier. Shaded spaces are typically cooler than unshaded ones, so your AC won’t have to work as hard to bring the temperature down.

  1. Watch your thermostat

Thermostats are an essential part of any AC system in West Kelowna. Your thermostat turns off the AC whenever the temperature drops below a certain level, which is why you should never place it next to a source of heat. Keep it away from fridges, lamps, and any appliances that may generate heat.

Install your thermostat in a place where it won’t be exposed to direct sunlight.

  1. Turn up the temperature

Every degree matters. The lower the temperature you choose, the more the energy your AC will use. In fact, you use an extra $8 for every degree you lower the temperature by. The less work you make your AC do, the more you’ll save.

  1. Insulate

You don’t want to cool the entire neighborhood using your AC Lake Country. Insulate your house so cold air stays in and warm air stays out. The same also applies during winter – you want warm air staying in and cold air outside.

Insulate your house to minimize air leakage and transfer. Seal any leaks with weather stripping or caulking. Insulate around AC ducts. Closing your windows may seem like an obvious move, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to do it.

  1. Upgrade your AC

The older your air conditioning system, the less efficient it will be. Newer models tend to release with extra features and better technology which increases their efficiency.

If you’re still using the same AC your parents used, maybe it’s time to upgrade. It may cost you a little extra right now, but it’ll make up for it by increasing your savings in the long run.